C-Thru Grating - 56 @ 4'x10' N-Scale Panels

C-Thru Grating 4'x10' Panels - Detailed View
C-Thru Grating 4'x10' Panels - Both TypesC-Thru Grating 4'x10' Panels - Full Sheet View
SKU: 61073

These 4'x10' panels can be used on a variety of industrial, rolling stock and locomotive models.  They can be spray painted or chemically darkened, cut to size and installed in a matter of minutes using just basic metal cutting tools. Includes full-color illustrated instructions.  Each package contains 48 @ 4'x10' C-Thru Grating Panels and 8 @ 4'x10' C-Thru Grating Panels w/Cross Braces.

Price: $19.95