Dry Goods Van – Etched Brass Kit (N)

Dry Goods Van N Kit Shown w/Harness Horse (#20105)
Dry Goods Van N Kit - Front View UnpaintedDry Goods Van N Kit - Rear View UnpaintedDry Goods Van N Kit - Etched Fret LayoutDry Goods Van N Kit - Build Photo Sample
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‘Making-A-Scene Etched’ kits are created from finely etched brass components that have been designed for ease of assembly which is assisted by full-color illustrated instructions. Assembly usually takes less than an hour and no soldering or special tools are required… just snip, fold and glue ! This type of van was used to deliver dry goods such as fabric, thread, clothing, and sundries to households up until the wide spread use of motorized vehicles during the first half of the 1900's. They were typically pulled by a single horse and often featured the name or logo of the store or company that owned them painted on their side panels.

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