Taskboard 1/8" Thick 2-Pack – Basswood Tone

Taskboard - White & Basswood Tones
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TaskBoard Wood Fiber Sheets are suitable for architectural models and scratch building projects. This lightweight and durable material is created from an unique fiber interlocking manufacturing process and is available in 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" thicknesses and basswood or white tones. TaskBoard is easily cut with a hobby knife and can be shaped using hot steam or by soaking in water. Strong joints and laminations can be created with basic white or PVA glues. Edges sand smooth for nearly invisible joints and layers and it can colored with markers, chalks, and water based paints. Easily simulates concrete and stucco walls and can be used as support for our other building sheet products. TaskBoard can also be broken into random pieces to create stratified rock formations and used for highways, sidewalks, and track roadbed. Each package includes painting and weathering instructions with full color reference photos. Package includes two(2) 10" X 15" x 1/8" basswood tone sheets.


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