Trackside Series – Bus Camp Transit Bus Add-On (N)

Bus Camp Transit Bus Add-On 2-Pak
Two Buses per PackBus Camp - Front ViewBus Camp - Rear View
SKU: 10038

Fully painted and assembled ‘Classic Metal Works’ Transit Bus 2-Pack with add-on photo-etched side mirrors and windshield wipers.  Based on the GMC TD 3610 design used on hundred of city and suburban routes across the United States.  Add to your 'Trackside Series – Bus Camp Kit (#10037) to increase space for more people and animals !  Further enhance your scene with beef cows (#20001) and troughs & hay bales (#20097).  Buses color and transit system name may vary.  ADD-ON AND DIRECT SALE ONLY.  MUST BE PURCHASED WITH PRODUCT OF EQUAL OR HIGHER VALUE TO QUALIFY FOR FREE USA DOMESTIC OR FLAT RATE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Price: $10.95