Wall Panel System O-Scale Add-On Kit - Laser-Cut Window, Door & Cornice Sheets

Wall Panel System - Low Relief HO Model
Wall Panel System - Painting, Cutting & Gluing
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The O-Scale Wall Panel System kit (#50067) allows you to build multi-story backdrop, low-relief or full dimensional models using brick, concrete and stucco elements. Horizontal and vertical dimensions can be expanded infinitely using columns, rows and cornice assembly.  Even larger structures can be built using multiple kits and existing Model Builder Supply Line and TaskBoard® Sheets.  Huge photo etched sheet includes dozens of window, door and fan detailing options.  A QuickCut™ glazing sheet and full color instructions are also included with each kit.

This ADD-ON KIT includes two(2) @ 10"x 15" O Scale TaskBoard Sheets with laser-cut window & door openings, columns, roof cornices and roof overhang.  Also includes easy-to-cut TaskBoard ® 10" x 15" x 1/8" Sheet for wall supports, roofs, loading docks and many other applications.  Full color instructions with finishing tips, modeling ideas and reference photos included with each package.


Price: $39.95