What kinds of paint and glue do you recommend ?

For our wooden kits, you can use virtually any kind of paint or permanent marker. Permanent markers are especially good for smaller models and have the advantage of drying almost instantly. Because most of our kits are cut from micro-plywood sheets, there is much less chance of warpage even when using water-based paints. When using water-based paints, you probably should paint both sides of each piece. With oil/lacquer based paints and markers, this is usually not necessary. For glues, Aileene's Tacky Glue and any other PVA glue works the best. Have found that basic white glues tend to be too thin and take too long to set up.

Most of scenic and detailing parts can be easily painted with basic aerosol paint available in most hardware and home improvement stores. Many of these parts only require one color and some don't require any painting at all. Also, on the rare occasion that assembly is require with our detailing parts (usually the vehicle kits), a thickened CA or "Super Glue" works the best.

The styrene plastic building sheets that we offer can be colored using any of the methods mentioned earlier. To create mortar lines, white or light gray chalk dust and diluted white or light gray latex paint work well. Some folks add color to individual stones or bricks using a tiny brush or permanent markers. Too much of this activity might affect your sanity so do it in moderation :) !