The N Scale Architect was founded in 1991 by Russ Kaufman who has been active in model railroading since the early 1970’s. Although many model railroaders received a Lionel Train as their first train set, Russ and his brother Bill were bitten by the model railroad bug in the form of an Aurora N-Scale set (if we had only kept the original packaging… !)

Russ started The N Scale Architect based on the encouragement of fellow modelers who thought that the plans he had drawn up for scratch building over the years might be enjoyed by others in kit form. The first kits featured detailed step-by-step instructions with hand drawn illustrations and plastic templates to be used for cutting the various pieces. This tradition of high quality instructions continues with the addition of “in-process” and color photos and, thanks to better computer aided programs, more detailed drawings. These templates have been replaced with laser-cut micro-plywood pieces along with the addition of many detailing castings which are now also available separately as part of our “Making A Scene” product line.

Earlier this Century (whoa… that sounds like a long time ago !), The N Scale Architect expanded their laser-cut kit line into HO and Z scales with the “Heritage Models” (HO) and “Nansen Street” (Z) lines. These product lines not only include laser-cut structures but also detailing castings and cast resin kits.

Further expansion has included the addition of styrene and wood fiber building sheets, the “Model Builder’s Supply Line” which features these products in Z, N, HO, O, G and 1/12th scales. The different sheet styles included in this line now number over 65 ! Additional scenic items including etched brass fencing and premium quality trees in N & Z Scales are now also included in this line.

More recently, the acquisition of the former ‘Shire Scenes’ range of N, Z & HO photo-etched vehicle and scenic detail kits has added over 50 additional products to our lines. This line, know as “Making-A-Scene-Etched” now also includes a number of new designs based on American prototypes.

Please take a look at our catalog. If there’s something you don’t see, please feel free to contact The N Scale Architect with your suggestions for new products and, of course, with any questions. Thank you for visiting our site !




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