OUR NEW 2021-2022 CATALOG is now available for download... it's the LARGEST EVER !!!  Just click on the "Printable Catalog..." tab below and follow the instructions on the screen !!!

DON'T FORGET our 'TWO-FUR' WEB SPECIALS (#61069, 61070 & 61084)... and a NEW LOWER PRICE on N & Z SCALE short fence packs !!!  STILL the FINEST N & Z SCALE fence available AND the BEST VALUE per scale foot... JUST PAINT AND PLANT !!!

TWO NEW N-SCALE KITS… the Racquette Lake Navigation Company v2.0 and The Hudson !!!
Racquette Lake Navigation Company... TWO-TRACK carfloat slip & apron… RE-DESIGNED with upgraded roofing, trim pieces AND ALL NEW illustrated instructions !!!

Efficient footprint allows for an off-layout transfer without a large investment of real estate… AND the perfect companion to The Hudson... our ALL NEW carfloat kit !!!

The Hudson... SIMPLE two-track design based on standard code 80 flex-track… no complex onboard turnout or hand-laid rails.. INCLUDES rub strip, hatch, bumper & bollard details… HOLDS up to six(6) 50' freight cars !!!  PLEASE SEE items #10060, #10061 AND #10062 for more details. 

The ​Sheffield Farms Creamery ​Version 2.0 N-Scale kit !!! ​The first creamery in the United States to use the pasteurization process… operated along the Catskill Branch of the New York Central from 1892 until the late 1960's… survived the Penn Central and Conrail and is still standing today !!!

Completely re-designed with seven(7) laser-cut plates of micro-plywood, textured fiberboard, slate roofing, random cut stonework and self-stick trim pieces !!! Updated based on additional prototypical information... larger overall footprint... interior support system... upgraded roofing AND ALL NEW illustrated step-by-step instructions !!! Please see item #10059 for more details.


The Barnesville Tunnel (Fan)... the second N-Scale kit in our Layout Builder’s Series !!!

It is inspired by the tunnel fan exhaust system used on Mahanoy Tunnel located near Barnesville, Pennsylvania. Though not an exact replica, this kit captures the major structural elements of this prototype and will add interest to any tunnel portal on your layout or module. Please see item #10058 for more details !!!


Sherwood’s Bridge can be used to span everything from small streams to large river valleys on your layout or module !!!

OFFERED as a NINE INCH span BASE KIT & FIVE INCH span EXPANSION Kit !!! An UNLIMITED number of Expansion Kits can be added using our special interlocking design. PLEASE SEE items #10055, #10056 AND #10057 for more details !!!

A sturdy base consisting of concrete piers and abutments... complimented by finely detail diagonal supports AND wooden deck and guards on top !!!


Our latest 'Making-A-Scene Etched' FIRE TOWER Kit...   up to 100 N-Scale feet tall... photo-etched stainless steel... based on standard USFS plans... used at 100's of locations across the USA !!!
FEATURES a dozen c-thru stairways with wood textured platforms... 10' x 10' cabin with panel & rivet details... hip & flat roof options... window visors... radio antenna... directional peak vent... laser-cut 2" x 2" ‘concrete’ base... AND full-color illustrated instructions.  SEE ITEM #96708 FOR MORE DETAILS !!!

From CLAY BANK TO FINISHED BRICKS, blocks & tiles… the ALL NEW ‘C & H BRICK & BLOCK COMPANY’ covers ALL major aspects of a modern brick making operation...

IT IS A MAJOR INDUSTRY for any layout or module CONSISTING of a Drying-Setting Shed… Mixing-Molding (Pug) Mill… Material Distribution Plant… Loading Docks… AND FIVE newly mastered Beehive Kilns & Chimneys !!!  SEE ITEM #10054 for more details.

CHECK OUT our newly re-tooled Z_SCALE FENCE... NINE DIFFERENT STYLES... arguably the finest chain link mesh on the market along with ultra fine barbed wire, realistic wood texture, multiple gate options and separate add-on fence posts !!!  AND NOW available at a lower price... see items #61075 thru #61084 for additional details.

AND CHECK OUT our updated 'Making-A-Scene Etched' catalog for the latest additions to our photo-etched brass scenic details and vehicle kits like these...

SEE Items #96614, #96615, #96618 & #96648 for MORE DETAILS !!!