Brick Fan Pattern – HO


Model Builder’s Supply styrene plastic sheets are suitable for architectural models and scratch building projects. Large 10″ x 14″ sheets reduce unsightly seams and provide plenty of material for any project. Crisp well defined mortar and separation lines eliminate undesirable “loafing” profiles while providing convenient guide lines for cutting and trimming. These .020″ thick styrene sheets are easily cut with a hobby knife and can be adhered to any supporting surface with conventional styrene plastic or PVA glues. Their neutral white color provides the flexibility to create almost any color combination using the painting and weathering tips included with each package. The accompanying photo shows a sampling of this “Brick Fan Pattern” sheet which also includes two(2) rows of border bricks and approximately 1 1/2″ x 13″ of a herringbone brick pattern.  This sheet has been painted red for illustration purposes only. The actual sheets are white styrene.  Two(2) large 10″ x 14″ sheets per package.

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