Cal Fame Packing – N



The “Cal Fame Packing” kit is based on a citrus packing plant that once stood in Escondido, California (about 30 miles north of San Diego). The prototype (shown left & at the end of these instructions) was designed by William W. Ache who is credited with designing over 60 fruit packing plants in the Southwest United States. This plant was first opened in 1935 by the Escondido Orange Association and continued processing citrus fruits until 1987 when it was closed by the Paramount Citrus Association. Oranges and lemons were trucked to the plant in 55-Pound field boxes that were unloaded at the loading dock on the rear of the plant. Processed fruit was shipped in reefers via the rail spurs located on both sides of the plant which were serviced by the Santa Fe Railroad. Further information on this prototype can be found in the “Historic American Engineering Record” section of the Library of Congress website: The crates, sacks, barrels, and vehicles shown on the label are available separately as part of our “Making A Scene” detail parts line. N Scale model measures approximately 12½”(L)x 9″(W)x 3″(H).


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