Ogden Creek Viaduct - Expansion Kit

Ogden Creek Viaduct Bridge Kit - N Scale
SKU: 10300

The Ogden Creek Viaduct was inspired by the numerous reinforced concrete bridges and viaducts that are found along the "Lackawanna Cut-Off". This engineering marvel is a nearly flat and straight right-of-way that extends from Scranton, PA to Hoboken, NJ. It was built by the Lackawanna Railroad in the early 1900’s and portions of it are still in use today by Conrail (aka., NS or CSX). In order to keep this right-of-way level and straight, tons of fill and numerous bridges were used to span the roads and valleys along it. These bridges were built in an ornate yet functional "neo-classical" style that was made famous by the Lackawanna Railroad. Includes two large columns, two middle arches and a fully supported ballast deck.  Expands up to four(4) tracks wide.  Additional expansion kits can be added for nearly infinite length.  Requires Ogden Creek Base kit.  Standard dimensions are: H:4 1/2" X W:2" X L:9"

Price: $39.95