Sherwood’s Bridge – Base Kit


Sherwood’s Bridge was inspired by the lattice truss designs used by railroads to span everything from small streams to large river valleys. This bridge design is considered by many to be the strongest and most adaptable. Early examples were made from wood which was later replaced by steel as represented in this model. This kit is available as a Base Kit (#10055) which includes two(2) End Abutments, a 2½” Support Pier and a 9″ Span and an Expansion Kit (#10056) which each add a 2½” Pier and a 5″ Span. An unlimited number of Expansion Kits can be added to a Base Kit to accommodate even the widest gaps on your layout or module. Each of these interlocking spans include a wooden deck & guards, finely detail diagonal supports, ‘concrete’ piers or abutments and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

There is a specially priced Base & Expansion Kit Box Set (#10057) available on this website which provides a $10.00 Savings !!! These kits are part of our new “Layout Builder’s Series” that were developed during the construction of our recent layout. We hope that you will them useful in your next layout expansion or module project !!! N-SCALE TRACK & ROLLING STOCK ARE NOT INCLUDED.

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