Grover Cleveland Mine – N


The Grover Cleveland Mine is a composite of several small mining operations dating from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. These mines varied in the minerals that they produced ranging from coal to precious metals. The Head Frame allows ore to be pulled up from the mine shaft using a steam engine located in the Hoist House. This ore is then pushed in a Mine Car by men or pulled by horses on a mine track via the Shaft House to the Gantry. At the base of the Gantry, the Mine Car is hooked to a cable and then pulled up to the load-out area where it is dumped into a hopper car that will be taken to the local processing mill. Waste rock is routed over another mine track and dumped into a tailings or culm pile. Standard Configuration measures 1¾”x 8¾” and Optional Configuration measures 5½”x 5″ (see Diagram).  Includes all figures & vehicles shown.

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