Lackawanna Coal Company – N


The prototypes that inspired the Lackawanna Coal Company kit were located in the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In these immense structures, know as “breakers” or “collieries”, the hard shiny anthracite coal was brought from a mine shaft or drift and then washed & broken into sizes usable for home heating & industrial processes. Breakers of the size and type represented in this kit were typically built in the 1930’s as a means to consolidate the production of several smaller older processing plants and many of them were still operational into the 1970’s. At their peak, there were hundreds of these structures in operation and the several thousand employees that worked in them could process as much as 12,500 tons of coal in a single day. The railroads in this area used hundreds of hopper cars to transport this huge volume of coal to customers in the eastern United States as well as to coal piers located along the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes. Coal was brought to the breakers for processing from the surrounding mines via extensive mine railroads and conveyors that could literally stretch for miles. The conveyor included in this kit is typical of those used and our M-TRAK product line provides an easy way to create a rail link to the mines. M-TRAK is a 2’ 6″ gauge mine track system that includes turnout, curved, straight and flexible track sections with laser-cut wood ties and metal rails. Mine Locomotives & 4-Ton Mine Cars are also available separately as part of our “Making A Scene” detail parts line. The Lackawanna Coal Company model covers an area of 10″(L) X 11″(W) X 6 ½”(H).

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