Hanaford Mills – N



Hanaford Mills represents a composite of several water powered mills located across New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. A typical example is shown to the left. As with many of these mills, it was initially powered by an overshot water wheel (as shown to the right) which was replaced by a coal fired steam boiler added as part of the Boiler Room to the right side of the Mill Building. This model is intended to be built into the side of a hillside to allow for a transition to the Mill Race at the rear and the Loading Ramp at the front of the Mill Building. This kit features laser-cut brick components that are created from our “Model Builder’s Supply Line” styrene building sheets which are also available separately. The sacks, barrels, sack stacks, hand trucks and a flat bed truck shown on the label photo are part of our “Making A Scene” detail parts line. N Scale model measures approximately 7″(L) x 4″(W) x 3″(H).


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