Pattersons Pickle & Brine Kit – N


Since the late 1800’s, commercial preserving operations such as those run by H. J. Heinz, L.C. Forman, Keokuk Canning and Hirsch Brothers depended on the railroads to bring their raw materials from the fields and their delicious products to market. ‘Pattersons Pickle & Brine’ emulates these turn of the century pickling plants that often found new life as distilleries, breweries and acid factories.

This kit features a laser-cut micro-plywood support system overlain with laser-cut self-stick stonework pieces created from our Model Builder’s Supply “Random Cut Stone” (#50047) building sheets. Over five(5) dozen windows, doors and resin castings are also included with this kit as well as a full-color sign sheet which features some of the most popular pickle brands.  As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complimented by our step-by-step instructions, a full set of scale drawings and in-progress photos.  The finished model measures approximately 8″L x 9″W x 4½”H.

A ‘Pickle Vat Expansion Kit’ (#10044) is available to support larger pickling operations. Each of these expansion kits provides nine(9) pickle vat resin castings with laser-cut wooden lids, a service deck, frame supports and stairway that cover an area of approximately 3¼” x 3″.

But wait there’s more… the specialized railcars that supported these pickling operations are now available as 3-D printed kits !!!  These ‘Enclosed Tank’ (#20098) and ‘4-Tank’ (#20099) pickle car kits come complete with 3-D printed parts, decals, photo-etched ladders & stirrups, car weights, bronze tie rods AND Micro-Trains trucks & body mounted couplers.  They can also be ordered in additional materials on our NEW SHAPEWAYS SHOP…

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