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The prototype that inspired this Quality Meat Packers kit was one of the first municipal abattoirs (meat packing plants) in North America. It was completed in 1916 next to the Grand Trunk Railway yard in Toronto, Canada and, based on the information obtained from the Architectural Index for Ontario, it is still in operation today. This Grand Trunk yard was absorbed into the Canadian National Railway System in the early 1900’s and still supports trains from this railway and several commuter lines. Photos from the John Boyd Collection of the National Archives of Canada were used in the design of this kit. A stock yard can be added to this model using the “Quality Meat Stock Yard (QME073)” kit which adds several barns, holding pens & loading ramps. These modular stock yard kits can be combined to create a larger stock yard operation. Beef cows, rolled hay bales and additional feeding troughs castings are available separately as part of our “Making A Scene” detail parts line. The completed Quality Meat Packers model covers an area of 12″L x 5″W x 5″H.


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