Waterville Freight House – HO



The Waterville Freight House kit is based on a number of wooden depots that were typically found by the dozens along rail lines and yards across the United States. Many of these structures were built in the mid-1800’s to serve as the distribution point for each community along the line for goods carried by the railroad. As motor trucks, automobiles and better roads became more available, the importance of these structures waned and many fell into a state of disrepair or were converted to other uses by the railroad. Though their appearance may have been changed, many of these structures still exist today (often outliving the railroad that built them initially). This kit features laser-cut brick components that are created from our “Model Builder’s Supply Line” styrene building sheets which are also available separately. The delivery truck, hand truck, scale, sacks, crates and barrels shown are available separately as part of our “Making A Scene” detailing parts line. HO Scale model measures approximately 9″(l)x 4½”(w)x 4½”(h).


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