Waterville Switchman’s Shanty – N



The Waterville Switchman’s Shanty kit is based on small wooden structures typically found along rail lines and yards across the United States. Many of these structures were built in the early 1900’s to serve as storage sheds or shelters for employees. Through the years their purpose has been modified to suite the railroad’s changing needs and, though their appearance may have been changed, many of these structures still exist today (often outliving the railroad that built them initially). This kit is designed to be built in about an hour and is intended to be an introduction to the design approach and materials used by “The N Scale Architect” in our larger laser-cut micro-plywood kits. A discount coupon to purchase the companion “Waterville Freight House” kit is included with this kit’s instructions. N Scale model measures approximately 1″(l)x ¾”(w)x 1″(h).


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