C & H Brick & Block Company Kit - N

Drying-Setting Shed - Left End View
Mixing-Molding Mill - Left End ViewMixing-Molding Mill - Right End ViewMaterials Distribution Plant - Right Front ViewMaterials Distribution Plant - Right Rear ViewDrying-Setting Shed - Right Rear ViewC & H Brick & Block Company - Top ViewC & H Brick & Block Company Photo Sheet - All Structures/All Views
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From clay bank to finished bricks, blocks & tiles, the all new ‘C & H Brick & Block Company’ covers all major aspects of a modern brick making operation. It is a major industry for any layout or module consisting of a Drying-Setting Shed, Mixing-Molding (Pug) Mill, Loading Docks, Material Distribution Plant and five(5) newly mastered BeeHive Kilns with Chimneys. 

This micro-plywood kit includes hundreds of laser-cut parts, an internal support system, glazing sheet, multiple roofing options and nearly 200 windows, doors & detail parts. As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complemented by our step-by-step instructions, in-progress photos and a full set of scale drawings. The completed display shown measures approximately 22"L x 10"W x 4"H and features our exclusive M-TRAK Nn30 industrial railway system, Nn30 railway vehicles and numerous new scenic details (Items#20106 thru #20119) which are available separately. 

A ‘C&H Brick & Block - Site Plan’ with more detailed dimensions and sample M-TRAK layout is available in the download area of this website or by request via e-mail: thenarch.com@gmail.com. A ‘M-TRAK Track Planning Guide’ is also available.

Price: $249.95