Curtain Wall System Towers, Ends & Docks Kit - HO

Curtain Wall System HO Kit - Tower Kit Contents
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SKU: 50093

This Curtain Wall Panel System Towers, Ends & Docks kit (#50093) extends the elevator shafts above the roof line as towers, includes three(3) laser-cut dock assemblies and adds two(2) 4" deep perpendicular end walls.  This kit is designed to work with the RIGHT-HAND (#50091) and LEFT-HAND (#50092) Curtain Wall Panel Kits.  Like these other kits, it includes self-stick concrete & brick laser-cut pieces, window glazing, a plain fiber board sheet for roofs & supports and Tichy windows. Illustrated instructions are enclosed in each kit which provide a color-coded locator for the concrete & brick pieces as well as full-color progress & reference photos.  These kits can be combined to create flat, low relief and 3-D models of infinite length & height using the window & door cut-outs as splices and gussets.  A specially priced BOX SET (#50095) includes two(2) Right-Hand Wall Panel Kits (#50091), two(2) Left-Hand Wall Panel Kits (#50092) and a Towers, Ends & Docks Kit (#50093) can be used to build the 60"L x 12"H x 4"D structure shown in the photos.  THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE AS A DIRECT SALE ONLY.


Price: $45.95