NYCS ‘Lines East’ Tower – N


This “Lines East Tower” kit is based on a New York Central “Signal Station” design that was part of an improvement program instituted in New York and New Jersey after World War I. This kit is mostly based on the ‘DU’ Tower which stood in Dumont, New Jersey.  These ‘modern’ masonry towers featured central heating provided by coal fired boilers on the lower level which was re-fueled via a trackside metal hatch or a pair of wooden doors.  Options for both of these openings and a fourth front window are provided with this kit.  A sheet of over a dozen “Signal Station” plaque designations is also included (see photo).  This kit features step-by-step text supplemented with in-progress construction photos and a full set of elevation & plan view diagrams.  This kit structure is fully supported by an interior wall system (no strip wood needed !) and the exterior brick overlays are applied using a self-stick adhesive.  Additional photos and further reading about these Signal Stations can be found at the New York Central System Historical Society (NYCSHS) website:  Our thanks to David Mackay and the NYCSHS for their assistance with this project.

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