Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) F22 Flatcar 3-Pak Kit – N


These wood-decked 30 foot heavy-duty flatcars had a loading capacity of nearly 200,000 lbs when upgraded to the Crown 2F-F1 cast steel trucks modeled in this kit. These flatcars were originally designed in 1913 (drawings are dated 11-21-13) and, at their peak in the 1940’s, there were over 100 in use on the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) roster with some of them surviving into the 1960’s. This ‘3-Pak’ is designed to be used with our ‘Naval Gun Load’ kit (#20101) or to haul other large machined parts as shown in the prototype photos. These PRR F22 Flatcars are also available as a box set with our ‘Naval Gun Load’ kit at a special price (see item #20102). This kit completes three(3) F22 flatcars and includes Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) 3-D printed parts, full-color illustrated instructions, three(3) sets of photo-etched stirrups & cut-levers, three(3) sets of brass car weights, three(3) sets of Micro-Trains brake wheels & body-mounted couplers, a dozen Fox Valley metal wheel sets and a PRR F22 decal sheet that features nine(9) verified road numbers, pertinent car data and prototypical reporting marks. A PDF version of this kit’s instructions is available by request via e-mail: Additional 3-D printed material options are available at our Shapeways Shop THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE AS A DIRECT SALE ONLY.

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