Naval Gun Load Kit – N


This car load is based on the Mark VII Naval Gun designed in 1939 and first used aboard Iowa-Class Battleships during World War II. Measuring 16″ in diameter, these guns could fire a 2,400 lbs projectile up to 24 miles. They were last fired in combat during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Each of these 68 foot guns weigh nearly 270,000 lbs and were shipped (breech first) across two(2) heavy weight flatcars with a third flatcar used as an idler. Many of these guns were manufactured by Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania and transported via the Pennsylvania Railroad across three(3) F22 flatcars. These PRR F22 Flatcars are available as a 3-Pak kit (#20101) or as a box set with this ‘Naval Gun Load’ kit at a special price (see item #20102).

This kit comes complete with Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) 3-D printed parts, full-color illustrated instructions, sixteen(16) inches of phosphor bronze rod and a ‘DO NOT HUMP’ placard sheet. A PDF version of this kit’s instructions is available by request via e-mail: Additional 3-D printed material options are available at our Shapeways Shop THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE AS A DIRECT SALE ONLY.

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