Sheffield Farms Creamery – N v2.0 Kit


This kit is based on the first creamery in the United States to use the pasteurization process when it first opened in 1892 along the Catskill Branch of the New York Central. It shipped milk products to the New York metropolitan area up until it closed in the late 1960’s. This structure ​has ​survived the Penn Central and Conrail eras and is still standing today​ !

This completely re-designed mixed media kit includes seven(7) laser-cut plates of micro-plywood, textured fiberboard, slate roofing, random cut stonework and self-stick trim pieces. It’s design has been updated based on additional prototypical information and features a larger overall footprint, an interior support system, upgraded roofing and all-new illustrated step-by-step instructions. The completed model as shown measures approximately 8¾”L x 4¼”W x 3¾”H. Please see the provided ‘Plan View’ for additional dimensions.

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