Stone Wall Panel System Kit – N


Each kit builds a 11″l x 5″w x 2″d half-relief structure that is model after the large waterfront warehouses and mills that have existed in the United States since the late 1700’s. There are dozens of potential arrangements for the basic structure which can be expanded with additional kits into an infinite array of lengthy backdrops, fully enclosed models or extensive industrial complexes.  Included in each package are three(3) laser-cut ‘Wall Panel’ sheets, two(2) laser-cut self-stick ‘Stone’ sheets, a laser-cut self-stick ‘Stone Detail’ sheet, a laser-cut self-stick ‘Door & Trim’ sheet, self-stick ‘Slate Roofing’, two(2) plain fiber board sheets, a ‘Quick-Cut™ Glazing’ sheet and over sixty-five(65) ‘Arched Windows’. Full-color illustrated instructions identify the potential placement of each piece, describe the options for interior supports, and provide suggestions for coloring and weathering.



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