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Sheffield Farms Creamery - Front View
Sheffield Farms Creamery - Rear ViewSheffield Farms Creamery - Floor Plan View
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The Sheffield Farms Creamery kit was inspired by the creamery that still stands in Bloomville, New York along the abandoned Kingston Branch of the New York Central (originally the Ulster & Delaware Railway).  When this creamery opened in 1892, it was the first to use the milk pasteurization process in the United States.  As with many creamery operations, gravity played a major part in the movement of liquids through the various stages of the process flow.  Unprocessed milk was brought from local dairy farms in 110 lbs. cans via horse and buggy (later flat bed trucks) to the Delivery Area at the upper level of this structure.  Until it closed in 1960, milk and milk products were shipped by rail from this location to markets in the metropolitan New York area via the Loading Dock at the lower level of this structure.  Processed milk was shipped in cans until milk cars (reefers) with insulated tanks were developed in the 1940’s.  The Kingston Branch continued operations through the Penn Central era and was eventually abandoned by Conrail in 1978.  Throughout this period this multi-level structure was adapted to several other uses including a tannery, a furniture factory and a truck repair facility.  Completed model is two levels high and measures 4"(H) x 4"(W) x 6"(L).

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