DON'T FORGET to check out our NEWLY RELEASED New York Central 'Lines East' (#10033) and 'B&A/NYCS Standard Wooden' (#10032 & #40016) Tower kits in N & HO scales kits AND our WEB SPECIALS !!!  SEE our COMPLETE CATALOG below or SEARCH BY ITEM NUMBER.  Domestic USA shipping is still FREE on EVERY ORDER (even with the latest rate hike) !!!

ANNOUNCING our SEVENTH TRACKSIDE SERIES kit... CABOOSE MOTEL(#10036)... featuring a re-purposed caboose with trucks & couplers… two(2) photo-etched picnic tables, umbrellas, books, dishes & signboard with table platforms… laser-cut billboard sign and full-color sign sheet !!!



The ‘Box Car Storage’ kit (#10034) includes a re-purposed boxcar, loading platform, stairway, three different door arrangements, all of the detailing parts shown and enough parts to create two more storage units !!!  

The ‘Ash & Coal Loader’ kit (#10035) is based on a ‘Ross & White Company’ prototype and includes a hopper car with load insert, ash & coal loading tower, cinder bogie with cables & access ladder and an under track unloading pit !!!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE... announcing the FIRST FOUR KITS in our NEW SERIES of ‘Making-A-Scene Etched’ kits... created from finely etched brass components... FULL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS... designed for ease of construction !!!  Assembly usually takes LESS THAN AN HOUR...  no soldering or special tools required… JUST SNIP, FOLD AND GLUE !  These kits are also available as ‘built-up’ models.  See the item descriptions for further details.

The Concord Coach kit (#96700) is based on a design by the Abbot-Downing Company from the late 1820's. One of their largest customers was Wells Fargo & Company who still use this coach as their trademark.

Milk & Bread Van (#96701) was used to deliver dairy and bakery goods to households throughout the United States up until the wide spread use of motorized vehicles in the first half of the 1900's.

The Fuller Buggy Company was an extensive buggy and sleigh builder in the early 1900's.  This popular two-passenger Cutter Sleigh (#96702) was mostly constructed and decorated by hand in their Jackson, Michigan factory.

The classic horse powered Amish Buggy (#96703) is a common sight on roadways in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Western regions of the United States as it is still the primary means of transportation for many Amish farmers and craftsman.

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