Racquette Lake Navigation Company v2.0 N Scale Kit


The Racquette Lake Navigation Company is a two-track car slip and apron that allows for loading and unloading of rail cars on to carfloats or ferries. It is based on a Pacific Northwestern prototype that was still in use through the 1970's. The control house and towers house the mechanism that allows the apron to be raised and lowered to accommodate different ship and tide heights. Most of the work in raising and lowering the front of the apron is done by the two counter weights enclosed in the towers. The other end of the apron is supported by the apron base which can be built into the shoreline of a layout or module. The completed model measures approximately 4¼"L X 4"W x 5"H which allows for an off-layout transfer point without a large investment of real estate.

This completely re-designed laser-cut kit features upgraded roofing, self-stick trim pieces AND all-new illustrated instructions. Its simple two-track design utilizes standard Atlas code 80 flex-track and is a perfect match for our ALL NEW carfloat kit, The Hudson (#10061). This kit is available on this website along with a specially priced ‘box set’ (#10061) which provides a $10.00 savings when you buy both kits !!!


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