The Hudson – N Scale Carfloat Kit


The Hudson is inspired by the hundreds of carfloats that used to ply the waters across bays, rivers and lakes where a railroad bridge was not practical. The size of these carfloats varied widely by era, railroad and location. This particular version measures 162′ long and 42′ wide with two(2) tracks. Though many of these vessels would have had three tracks, we chose this simplified two-track design to avoid the complexity of installing an onboard turnout. Up to six(6) 50′ standard length freight cars will fit on the deck. We have also avoided the tedium of hand-laying individual rails by integrating standard Atlas code 80 flex-track into the deck design. This laser-cut multi-media kit features rub strip, hatch, bumper & bollard details along with an internal support system that creates a durable working model to support off-layout operations. The completed model as shown measures approximately 12¼”Lx3″Wx1″H.

The Hudson is the perfect companion for our recently re-designed ‘Racquette Lake Navigation Company v2.0’ kit (#10060). This kit is available on this website along with a specially priced ‘box set’ (#10061) which provides a $10.00 savings when you buy both kits !!!


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