X-CEL Feed Mill – N


The X-Cel Feed kit is based on a feed mill complex located in Tacoma, Washington.  It was originally built in 1914 by the Kenworthy Company as a grain handling facility.  Initially grain was received in boxcars with paper doors (inside the sliding doors) and was later modified to accept covered hoppers.  The Kenworthy operation sold grain in bags and in bulk.  X-Cel purchased the mill in 1965 and converted it to a feed only plant that is still served by rail and bulk trucks today.  Though this kit is based on a specific prototype, its design is typical of large feed mill complexes that still stand across the United States.  All of the individual structures included in this kit are fully supported and most can be placed in virtually any location to accommodate the space available on your layout or module.  The elevator towers can also be positioned to suit the modelers preferences using the nearly four(4) feet of piping included in this kit.  The sacks, sack stacks, barrels, barrel clusters, hand carts and figures shown on the label are available separately as part of our Making A Scene detail parts line.  Finished model measures: 16″L x 8″W x 6″H.

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