4-Tank Pickle Car Kit – N


Since the late 1800’s, commercial preserving operations such as those run by H. J. Heinz, L.C. Forman, Keokuk Canning and Hirsch Brothers depended on the railroads to bring their raw materials from the fields and their delicious products to market. Our ‘Pattersons Pickle & Brine’ (#10043) and ‘Pickle Vat Expansion’  (#10044) kits emulate these turn of the century pickling plants that often found new life as distilleries, breweries and acid factories. This car kit is one of two(2) types of specialized tank cars that supported these pickling operations. This 46 foot 4-tank version follows prototypes made by Thrall, GATC, ACF and other manufacturers from the early 1900’s up until the 1950’s.

This car kit comes complete with Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) 3-D printed parts, full-color illustrated instructions, photo-etched ladders & stirrups, bronze tie-rods, four(4) 1/4oz car weights, a decal set of your choice AND Micro-Trains brake wheel, trucks & body mounted couplers.  Each decal set is inspired by vintage pickling company markings and includes four(4) different road numbers.  See the color illustrations included with this listing for the available decal sets as well as suggested color schemes. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE your choice of decal set in the COMMENTS section of your order.  A PDF version of this kit’s instructions is available by request via e-mail: thenarch.com@gmail.com.  Additional 3-D printed material options are available at our Shapeways Shop https://www.shapeways.com/shops/the-n-scale-architect THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE AS A DIRECT SALE ONLY.

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