Pattersons Pickle & Brine Pickle Vat Expansion Kit – N


Paired with the Pattersons Pickle & Brine Kit (#10043), this modular expansion kit allows you to support infinitely larger pickling operations. Each kit provides nine(9) pickle vat resin castings with laser-cut wooden lids, a service deck, frame supports and stairway. As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complimented by our step-by-step instructions, a full set of scale drawings and in-progress photos.

The finished model covers an area of approximately 3¼” x 3″.

Don’t forget… the specialized railcars that supported these pickling operations are now available as 3-D printed kits !!!  These ‘Enclosed Tank’ (#20098) and ‘4-Tank’ (#20099) pickle car kits come complete with 3-D printed parts, decals, photo-etched ladders & stirrups, car weights, bronze tie rods AND Micro-Trains trucks & body mounted couplers.  They can also be ordered in additional materials on our NEW SHAPEWAYS SHOP…

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